Fall... In Love with Your Hair

How to look polished with little time this busy season. 

 Fall: the magical time of year when the leaves are falling, the air is crisp and the colors outside are breath-taking. It’s also the glorious few months where it seems everything (school, holidays, sports, events) consumes every last minute of your “free” time. You think ‘how in the heck am I supposed to be able to fit it all in and not LOOK like I got swirled up in the tornado of endless things to get done?’  

Well, we’ve got some great tips for quick styles to throw together when you’ve got exactly 6.1257 minutes to spare and don't want to look like the walking dead before dropping the kids off at school. Who wouldn't want to be able to induce a little hair envy AND run all your errands before its time to pick the kids back up again and head to the next function? 



This year, texture is IN. 

Think big hair from the 80’s but without the crunchy perm or sky-high bangs. This is good news for moms on the go ( or ANY busy 21st century boss-lady getting things done) because: 

 1. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Slick and polished looks aren’t quite outdated right now, but we’d save them for more formal occasions; in which case just give us a call and we’ll help get you ready ;) 

 2. Texture usually allows for extended wear. Who wouldn’t save a few precious minutes by NOT having to wash your hair every day?! When your hair is curled, it’s harder for oil to travel down the hair shaft making your head appear greasy and flat. (Think of it like traveling down a swirl slide on the playground, sometimes you get stuck. A straight and vertical slide will send you straight to the bottom in no time. Oil from your scalp works the same way on curly and straight hair). See the last tutorial for how to properly apply dry shampoo and get the best results to extend your wear.  

 3. Lived-in looks are generally more versatile than smooth and perfected styles. No need to worry if it falls out a bit (it’ll just look softer) or deflates a bit in the rush of the day (just shake it back up a bit with your hands and travel-size dry texture spray). Add a braid or a twist into some beachy waves (it is much easier to hide a pin in roughed-up hair than stick straight and shiny locks). Even putting textured hair into a pony tail can be easily manipulated to create more of an on-purpose and chic style. 

 Lived-in texture looks great on every length 

 Below you’ll find some simple steps for looks that will hopefully score you enough time to grab a Starbucks PSL or whatever your vice is to keep you sane when you’re on your way from one thing to the next this year.  

 Creating the texture will take some time but with practice, it can done in about 20 mins. We know it can be hard to find the time, but if you're able to try it out during your children's naptime or before you go to bed, you can have great hair for days from that one style session.  Now… 


Start with hair blown out with a paddle brush. No need for it to be perfectly smooth and straight, just manageable enough to section later with a curling iron. 


 The tools: 

 R&Co- Rockaway Salt Spray, Outer Space Flexible Hairspray, and Death Valley Dry Shampoo. Oribe- Dry Texture Spray. A curling iron (a regular old spring- clamp or a wand. The wand shown has different shaped and sized detachable barrels for different looks and can be purchased on Amazon) , paddle brush, elastics and a few of bobby pins. 

 ***FIRST AND FOREMOST: if you're not familiar with using a wand, practice the hand motions with the iron before you even plug it in. The more practice, the quicker you'll be able to finish the first step (and without any burns!) Also, while we recommend a wand, you can use a regular curling iron as demonstrated below. Any kinks that might form from the clamp, will not show once the curls are broken up.  

Always hold the curling iron with the handle up, and the iron side down. Wrap the hair down the barrel with the first wrap being in the middle of the hair shaft, no need to go to the scalp. Wrap as many times around as the size of your barrel and length of your hair allow (the more texture you want, the smaller the barrel you want to use. For a softer look, try a larger barrel) and leave about 2 inches out. (The ends do not need to be curled. You're looking to create a 'bend'  in the middle of the hair. Leaving the ends out will create a pieced-looking texture that gives the look its effortless appeal.) Let "heat" then drop hair from barrel. Having the barrel pointed down allows for your hair to fall easily without awkward motions that could lead to burns or having to 'unwrap' the hair. 

Once you have the motions down, section your hair. I put about 3/4 of my hair up in a clip and started curling the bottom in sections no wider than the size of the barrel of my curling iron. Spray Section that is down with R+Co's Outer Space for a soft and flexible hold with added heat protection. 

Always curl the hair alongside your face backward, away from your face. After the first curl, alternate curls going forward and backward. Notice the first curl is going back (the hair curling over the front of the iron to the back. The second photo demonstrates wrapping the hair from behind the barrel to curl forward, toward the face. 

 Repeat all around the head and dropping same-sized sections, spraying Outer Space and curling until your hair is entirely curled. If it looks like a messy, undone Shirley Temple, you've got it right. Remember, this look is not meant to be perfect so do not focus on getting a perfect curl.  

Perfectly imperfect.

Perfectly imperfect.

Next, break up the curls with your fingers. Go section by section and break up EVERY curl. It will feel counter-intuitive but the end result we're going for again is TEXTURE not CURL so go ahead and ignore your instinct to leave a spiral alone.

Broken up curls

Broken up curls

Next, feel free to squint or smile as you spray some of Oribe's Dry Texture Spray throughout the midshaft to ends. If I was stranded on a deserted island and could only have ONE beauty product, it would be Oribe's Dry Texture Spray. ( And with the texture I created, I would smuggle my mascara in my hair to the island as well.) 


 Add a few light sprays to the crown (top back area) to add some volume. Then begin to piece and pull apart the ends to create volume at the bottom. 


Ta Da! Big, lived-in hair. Just scrunch and shake throughout the day to reactivate the Dry Texture Spray.  

 Adding texture alone will be enough to turn some heads and garner compliments if your normal go-to is straight and down or a regular ponytail. But below are some easier-than-they-look styles that are best worn with the waves you've created. 


The Twist 

Take a section of hair around your face and twist it away toward the back. One to two twists will do as you do not want a tight look. After you've twisted, hold the end gently and gently pull hair up to create a bigger and softer look. Pin the end of the twist underneath the crown to hide the pin. Having the Dry Texture Spray makes it easier for the pin to be put in place and stay that way all day.  Similar to a pin cushion. A pretty easy and just plain pretty way to get that hair out of your face!

The Top Knot

Start with a triangular section from about the arch of each brow back to the start of your crown. Take an elastic and make a ponytail with the section you created. Pull some of the hair from below the elastic forward to create volume and a softer look. Twist the end of the pony around itself to create a bun. Pull bun slightly apart to widen and create a slightly disheveled effect. Pin in place with a couple bobby pins and you're good to go! 

 The Twisted Tail 

Begin by taking the top half of your hair (from about the top of each ear and back) and pulling it back into a half-pony. Secure with an elastic. Create an opening just above the elastic and flip the end of the ponytail through the opening to create an inverted pony tail. Gently pull apart the twisted sides in small pulls to give them a less "perfected" look. Repeat the same steps with hair from just about at the ear lobe and back leaving one last section at the nape. 

 Finally, repeat the steps again with the last section.  A great and simple alternative to a basic pony and helps keep fly-aways back. 

 The last thing you need to know to have DAYS worth of effortless textured hair is how to use dry shampoo. 

 All you’ll need is a bit of dry shampoo on the roots before you head to bed and voila! You’ll wake up to another day with great hair and little effort (BONUS sleeping with dry shampoo in helps to give you volume as the product has sufficient time to soak up all the oil around your head and the movement of your hair against the pillow helps to create more texture). If you forget before bed or are refreshing after a light workout, just remember that the product needs TIME to soak up the oil, it does not happen instantly. So put it in as shown below and brush your teeth, get dressed, have your coffee and THEN lightly brush or shake through to get rid of the residue. 

 Start by spraying R&Co's Death Valley Dry Shampoo in small short bursts along your hair line, concentrating wherever you get most oily as it will vary individually for everyone.  Apply the same way down your part. And around your crown area. Concentrate wherever your have cowlicks as well to keep them from splitting open and falling flat as days go by. 

 You can refresh your ends in the morning with R&Co's Rockaway Salt spray to add more texture and pump up the volume as it may deflate a bit after a good night's sleep. 

 Please leave any comments, questions, or any thoughts below. We'd love to hear your feedback! 

And let us know if this was helpful, if you'd enjoy a video tutorial next or any topics you'd like covered for our next blog :)