New Year..... new YOU!


It's 2017 and here at 5o1 and we are so excited for the new year! We plan to fill it with fresh faces, opportunities, continuing our education to always offer you the latest techniques and tips to stay on trend.

Continuing our commitment to giving our clients an unparalleled experience; we are looking ahead to bold ideas, growth, improvement, and excitement every time our guests walk through our doors.

Are you seeking to take the beginning of a new year as a chance at a fresh start? Perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution? Maybe you have a new goal to reach or a theme for personal growth or expression...

We’d love to be a part of your journey!

As stylists, our goal is to make our clients feel important, beautiful, understood and ready to take on the world. Whatever your dream for 2017, we want you feeling confident to achieve it.

Part of feeling confident is looking and feeling your very best. For some, getting dressed to the nines from head to toe and heading out to an extravagant party does the trick. For others, it means a casual night with close friends or family. And for some, it translates to time completely alone, curled up with a good book.

The common thread of these scenarios is the feeling of being totally and completely yourself.

Our team at 5o1 is committed to sharing that feeling with every guest that books an appointment, every time. It’s why we do what we do! Helping to achieve your desire to express your true self; , we offer expertise in total-look enhancement or change.

  • We can help you with a new eyebrow shaping that can enhance your fantastic facial features or get rid of stray hairs that can distract from your perfect smile with our waxing services.

  • Makeup applications and lessons can help your blue eyes pop or sparkle just a little bit more. Makeup also has the ability to create a dramatic and artistic declaration of who you are without saying a word and we have the color palettes and skills to teach you how to do just that.

  • Hair can be the biggest form of self-expression out there. Between color changes, texture services, cuts and styles, there is an endless amount of possibilities for you to show off your funky, classic, wild, subdued or trendy self.

The Style Imperative  in Psychology Today, describes style as “our distinctive pattern of speech, our individual poetry.” The article talks mostly about style and its impact pertaining to wardrobe choice, which should be taken into consideration with hair, makeup and grooming for a cohesive total look.

We can’t think of anything more thrilling or rewarding than to help someone realize their inner self and have it shine through to the outside!With that in mind, we take a comprehensive approach during consultations with both new and long-time guests wanting to try something new.More often than not, a guest looking for a new hairstyle or color will have a picture or Pinterest board showing their inspiration and desired outcome. We LOVE that! However, as hairstylists we are trained and educated to recognize the abilities and the limitations of your specific hair type:

  • We take into consideration your hair’s texture: In the photo, this hair is curly. Say my client has curly hair but it is not the same curl type. Will my client learn to style it in the same manner as the photo to be happy with the outcome on a daily basis? The cut in the photo is also a classic bob on a very full head of hair. My client has extremely fine hair and insists on this cut. We then must analyze whether the look can be achieved with the right volumizing products ALONG with this type of cut suitable for her own hair density, AND are they committed to using the products so the cut looks similar to the photo.


  • We evaluate your hair’s integrity: This photo they are showing is of a pink hair color . Licensed stylists know the guest in the photo has heavily removed all hair of natural pigment and then colored-over their strands multiple times. To properly achieve a fashion color MANY sessions, MANY post treatments, MANY hours, and MANY dollars come along with this process. We must evaluate will our guest trust us when we say time, possibly a cut and multiple conditioning treatments are a necessity before they can achieve their desired look without their hair breaking and falling out?


  • We also study face shape and profiles: The model in the photo has an oval face shape and a blunt cut. Will the guest take your suggestion of rounding the edges of the cut to soften the sharp, square jawline they have? Or Zooey Deschanel’s bold bangs, while they are swoon-worthy, we evaluate if our guest will like them on their own face that  has very different features.


  • Finally, stylists are trained in the overall-look. We are required to be able to coordinate style from head to toe. When our guests bring in a photo of the new grey hair trend, we take note not only of everything mentioned above, but of the model’s makeup application, their metropolitan wardrobe and the soft-wave, wand-styled hair. We would worry that our guest, who prefers to wear hoodies, no makeup and not brush their hair will feel displeased rather than on-trend with this choice.

Our goal is always to educate our guests on the maintenance required for their desired style and all the ways that they will get the most out of the outcome. The color or cut is not the end-all, be-all of a hairstyle. Usually what attracts one to a hair style or color are the all encompassing elements of the photo; and we, as licensed stylists, are able to recognize these elements from experience.

This year, we resolve to educate our guests while putting their best foot forward or trying out a completely different style- COMPLETELY.

Don’t be shy, ask us to help you get the motion down of using a curling iron or flat iron to achieve the style you intended when you cut off all your length for that perfect lob! Feel free to have us show you exactly how much, what, and where we use product to achieve your look and why!


Let us know how we can help by asking your questions below or calling us for your consultation today and…

Happy 2017!