Fashion Color

Fashion colors seem to be everywhere lately. Instagram has hashtags like #unicorntribe and #mermaid hair dedicated to showcasing the latest and greatest vibrant hues. Celebrities like Hilary Duff and Kylie Jenner are embracing them and just about anywhere you go, chances are you’ll see someone rocking it in your neighborhood. We love creating unique and striking looks with these colors at 5o1, but with great hair comes great responsibility. Read on to find out how to properly care for this special service, the necessary steps you will need to take before and after you take the plunge, plus the break-down of the investment it requires.

The Effects of Heat

Heat causes damage. The more you blow dry, flat iron and curl without heat protection, the more dry, weak and more breakage-prone your hair becomes. Not only is your hair more fragile, the color fades, FAST. When you’ve spent a pretty penny and the better part of a day on getting a custom color, it’s only right to purchase some insurance for your new look. Investing in a heat protectant is ESSENTIAL to making your color last and keeping your hair looking and feeling shiny and healthy until your next touch-up. Below, we pre-lightened virgin hair with Redken bleach. Next, we colored the pre-lightened area with Pravana’s Violet Vivid’s Color. We kept one of the original swatches for comparison. The second swatch is shown first after one shampoo and flat ironing without heat protection. Notice the color has faded to a more muted blue-violet than the original neon-like purple. The swatch was then shampooed one more time with another flat ironing session sans heat protection. Now, notice the more extreme fading and thinning of the hair. This is due to breakage from the harsh and repetitive heat of the blow dryer and flat iron. The color continues to fade. Eventually, the color will resemble a mud hue with a hint of purple. Investing in a good heat protectant is vital to maintain your intended look beyond the 24 hours after your day in the salon. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to look good for one day?!

Not all Shampoos are Created Equal

Another crucial purchase that should always accompany a new color is a color safe shampoo. Unfortunately, all color will fade some. There is no way around it, especially with fashion colors as they are technically only a stain. Think of them as more of a coating rather than a permanent color that penetrates your hair’s cortex. With that said, a good color-safe shampoo and conditioner will prolong the life of your color and keep it as true as day one as possible until your next appointment. Click here to watch a great video of an experiment conducted by another stylist that demonstrates the fading effects of color safe vs. non-color safe shampoo. One half was submerged in Pantene Pro V from a drug store while the other half was submerged in a professional color safe shampoo. Both suds washed away some of the color. However, the Pantene obviously faded the color much more intensely than the professional shampoo which has ingredients to keep more of the color on the hair shaft while cleansing the hair at the same time. Fashion colors will fade must faster and more noticeably than regular permanent and demi permanent color and toners, though color safe shampoos and conditioners are still essential in keeping those looking fresh between appointments as well.

The Price Breakdown

Because fashion colors are considered to be a ‘stain’ as opposed to a permanent color, the hair must be lightened prior to application so that it shows up. Think of it like drawing with a purple pen on black pants. You won’t see it. If you bleach the pants first and then draw, it’ll show. Same applies to your hair. Because your hair must be lightened to a “blank canvas” first, and then color applied after, there is a charge for that service first. Lightening can vary in price depending upon many factors. If your hair is too fragile, a bond protector may need to be added to the formula to prevent breakage at an extra cost. If you have very thick or long hair, more lightener may need to be mixed to cover all of your hair. Each remix is an extra cost. If your hair has color already on it or is naturally very dark, it may take more than one lightening session to get it to be light enough. Each session is its own cost.

Once the hair is as close to white as possible from lightening, the color can be applied. This again can vary in price depending on how much color must be used, the time it takes to apply and whether or not a conditioning treatment will be needed.

If you’ve taken into account everything that may affect your ability to obtain and maintain a bright, vibrant and creative fashion color then book your appointment with us today! We have all the knowledge, skills and tools to help you in your journey to super fun hair.